Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hello! Hola! Bonjour! Wie Getz?

Hello all!
Hope you had a fabulous weekend! It was a rainy weekend for us here in Florida, but we still manage to play outside with the kids a little bit. I set everything aside and just devoted myself to my kids for the weekend...we cooked, draw, play games, watch movies, eat popcorn. But now I am overwhelmed with everything I have pending! Too much and not enough time!
Hope you have a great weekend!!! and remember that it all start with a thought..we first think, then feel, then experience..! Think yourself fabulous, feel fabulous....live fabulous!!! even at 100km/miles per hour!



mina. said...

Have yourself a lovely week!

Laura said...

A rainy weekend sounds lovely Sasha! I love this picture.

Stop by and read Couture Carrie and Under the Sheets-shhh fab fashionista interview xoxo

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