Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kate Hudson's House in Pacific Palisades

Kate Hudson turned 30 years old on April 19 and she celebrated her birthday with a big party in her house in Pacific Palisades..the same house that she bough with her ex-husband Chris Robinson in 2003. After a long search in which she and Robinson unsuccessfully bid on five different Malibu properties, she finally found a nest to feather when she was six months pregnant with Ryder..the irony is that it was Hudson's own childhood home, which Goldie Hawn had bought when she was six months pregnant with Hudson in 1979. Hudson, understandably,
jumped at the chance to move back in. Robinson, though, was reluctant. “I said, ‘Trust me. Please,’” Hudson remembers. “You will love this house when I'm done with it.”

The house has a style that could be summed up as lived-in eclecticism, with lots of patinated wood surfaces, rich textiles and piled-up books. It's a bohemian look perfectly in sync with Hudson's own taste.Hudson told the decorators she wanted a house that was livable but with a hint of formality—“comfortable but with one uncomfortable piece in the room” is how she puts it—and a touch of Asian influence.

Soon after she and Robinson moved in, Hudson walked out by the pool and, feeling the warmth of the brick patio beneath her bare feet, suddenly burst into tears. She explains that she and her brother used to soak up the warmth on those same bricks after swimming.

The house is currently valued at $6M and has 7-beds and 5-baths and a swimming pool. After the separation she continues to maintain this home.

I personally love the master bathroom (first picture) and the poolside loggia....

Now my question to you...would you buy again your childhood house to
build a new family or would you start fresh in a new house??


Carlotta said...

love it, this is how I wish my house would be!!s

Sasha said...

Hi Carlotta,
I know it looks pretty spectacular! Happy you like it!

jaimeparis said...

To answer your question, I would probably buy a new house and start my life there. I hope to do that when it will come to it...:) Great place though, I love the brightness of the rooms and the dresser in the 7th pic. AMAZING!

Shauna Aliza said...

oh my goodness. i love her home. just perfect.

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