Monday, May 11, 2009

Sandra Bullock on the cover of Harper's Bazaar June 2009

<span class=Sandra Bullock looked fabulous in the June issue of Harper's Bazaar. She is in a press tour promoting her new movie "The Proposal", where she stars as a Canadian cougar boss who pops the question to her assistant (Ryan Reynolds) to avoid deportation.. "Yeah, there's some comedy and romance [in The Proposal]. Isn't that in every film? Anne Fletcher, the director, is the reason this one turned out as cleverly as it did. And Ryan and I have been friends forever, at least nine years, before both of our marriages. Our timing seemed compatible, but you just don't know until you get into a scene together." 
"Right now, I'm kind of getting into my childhood," says Bullock, by way of explanation. "I didn't have a teenage or early-20s experience that was free and without worry. I missed the screw-everything, have-a-good-time phase. I was worried that if I didn't stay on track and work, work, work, I was never going to accomplish anything. Now I'm trying to have fun and have the freedom to do nothing." Keep reading to see more pictures and find out what is Sandra's latest job!

<span class=<span class=<span class=Three years ago, she opened a homey-chic, eco-friendly restaurant called Bess, and she recently opened a general store/bakery/florist nearby. "You'll come in and get your baguette and a cup of coffee in the morning in a place where everyone meets, with flowers and antiques. I wanted a place that was communal, like the olden days," she says. "I want to know the names of everyone — the customers, the people who work there." Another one of her "jobs," as Bullock puts it, is owner of a working avocado and citrus ranch outside of San Diego.

She finishes the interview by saying"..I do know my limits," she says with a laugh. "I don't always heed them, but I know them."

She sure keeps herself busy but I love to see this new more relaxed and balance Sandra Bullock. She has such a wide range of interests and aspects in her life, one day she could be walking the red carpet in a fabulous Alberta Ferrati gown and the next day she is off bike riding with husband James Jesse. Sounds like a fabulous life to me!

[Images via Harper's Bazaar]


The Fabulous Girl said...

excited for the movie after that intro. she does look extremely fabulous on that cover. so sexy.

Caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

she looks absolutely gorgeous! much, much better now than when she was younger!

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