Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tokyo Happening ~ Chanel's New Collection

<span class=Chanel's new collection "Tokyo Happening" is a trend-defining collection of rule-breaking pastels for face, lips and nails, inspired by the ultra-cool attitude of Tokyo’s Aoyama area. Perfect for summer days the collection is full of fun shimmery colors. There is the shimmery and high-shine gloss for lips in four edgy pastels shades. You also have natural shimmery face highlighters in starlit blue, silvery white, tender pink and golden yellow..great colors to use on your tan face or decollete this summer. And for the nails you have the Le Vernis, in true spirit of Aoyama get ready to make a bold statement in your toenails and nails in Blue Wish, Galactic Touch, Lune D'Argent and Rose Libellule.
I am not a fan of shimmery that much but I love the face and decollate shimmery and why not some Blue Wish on my toenails!!  

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