Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What I love today: Long Gladiator Sandal from Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole, Gladiator Sandal $ 89
Although I found the long gladiators sandals to be cute & trendy, until I stumble upon this classical version of Kenneth Cole I did not see myself wearing it. But I love the simple studs detail ( nothing over the top) and the rich brown color. I can see myself wearing this under a long or short summery dress..or with just a plain white short and white t shirt with some big glasses a cardi on the side and some cute bracelets!

* sandals are not available on line yet but keep an eye!

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Laura said...

Oh Sasha I am in love. What amazing and well designed shoes. I think you would have to wear small shorts to compliment them. I can hear the angels singing :)

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