Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Breathing Time ~ Just take 5 minutes! Come with me!

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Take some time only 5 minutes..to close your eyes and go somewhere...and just meditate. Forget for 5 minutes about life's to-dos and why-nots..and even if some thoughts might try to jeopardize your meditation, recognize they are just thoughts and let them go...

Today let's go to Napa Valley..imagine you are sitting by the pool, the sun is setting, you can feel the breeze touching your face...you sip some good wine that you bought today at one of the wine testing you did at a winery..your skin is still warm form the sun...you can hear some kids playing in the back..the sounds of the pear trees leafs ......you close your eyes..and you let go!!!

{Image via 1stDibits}

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