Friday, June 19, 2009

Fashion Trend ~ Flowers Pins, the accesory of the season!

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l. The Lucille Corsage $225 ll. The Hazel Corsage $225 lll. The Vivian Corsage $225 lV. The Gracie Corsage $225 V. Dulken & Derrick Vintage Flower Pin - Large Pink Poppy $37.99 Vl. Flower Pin. Camel Gardenia $41.99 Vll. Flower Pin. Blush Soft Cabbage Rose $43.99 Vlll. Flower Pin. Lavender Soft Cabbage Rose $43.99

Chanel Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) and accessorize your outfit with these fabulous flower pins. Or get the latest catalog from JCrew and learn different ways you can wear the flower the way they use it with a belt!
You can wear it on a simple t-shirt, in a plain one-color maxi dress, or if you go to the beach put it on your hat! and for the winter days just pin it in your work board..for fabulous summer memories!
What is amazing is that most of the pins are made from a mix of vintage and new flowers!
Forget subtlety, this summer is about flaunting big fabulous pin flowers! You are going to llok divine!

It's a Fashionable Friday to stop by Fifi Flowers!


Fifi Flowers said...

FAB pins!!!

drollgirl said...

so feminine, flirty and fun!!! love it!!!

and hope you have a great weekend! :) Maegan said...

lol ...they ALWAYS make a comeback.

Dionne said...

Oooh, these flower pins are gorge!

Carlotta said...

just yesterday I've bought 2 flower corsages!!

Forgetmenot said...

want one of those on every color! they´re so delicate... *sighs*

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