Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fashion Trend ~ Make a Statement with Multi-Chain Necklaces!

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Banana Republic. Multi-Chain Necklace in Dark Gray. $79.50
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Fallon. Mixed Chain Necklace. $210.00

This season is no longer about the layered pendants..say"welcome" to the metal chunky chain necklaces with strong linked chokers. Specially on the fall this is going to be the hot jewelry to flaunt! So we did the homework for you and after looking at more than 15400 necklaces here are are top selection! From $36 to $700 or more... I particularly like the necklace from Banana...keep searching for your favourite one!

Dying to know which one you like the most!


mina. said...

I really loved Maya´Z and Vera´s necklaces. It´s difficult to pick only one!!

Laura said...

Sasha you have such lovely taste sweetie. These necklaces are gorgeous!

jen laceda said...

I wish I had a fabulously long nexk like you to pull this off!

drollgirl said...

i would like to have ALL of these necklaces!

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