Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Isabel Toledo: Fashion from the Inside Out" Exhibition starts today ~ watch the video

Isabel Toledo, often described as a "designer's designer", will be exhibiting her retrospective designs from her 25 year carreer at the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology starting today June 17. Although well known in the fashion community Toledo's work was catapulted to the world when the First Lady Michelle Obama wore the now famous inauguration's outfit.
"I absolutely adored my Inauguration Day ensemble designed by Isabel Toledo and I am happy it will be part of the exhibit so others can appreciate the creativity and craftsmanship of one of America's great female designers," Obama said in a statement. What was interesting to find out was that Isabel did not know she was going to wear her designs..she found out like the rest of us.

Watch the video and you can get a glimpse of the thought and work she and her husband Mr. Toledo put on each design. For some of us that would not be visiting the least we get a peak!

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