Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jimmy Choo teams up with H&M

It does not get any better than this when it comes to designers collaboration..Jimmy Choo and H&M! Am I dreaming..can this be real...please don't wake me up!!!
They will be launching a collection of bags, shoes, and accessories for men and women and a clothing line, hitting stores Nov. 14. This would be the first high-end shoe lines to do one of these low mass-market pairings.
I just can days we have to wait...exactly 149 days!!!!


Carlotta said...

yes i can finally read your blog!! choo & hm??? yeah!! said...

OMG!!! sign o the times!!!
wooo hooo!!!!

I may have to put up a count down clock, lol!!

btw, your book went out yesterday, let me know when you get it! you are going to LOVE IT!!!

mina. said...

Cannot wait to see it! - and buy it! yei

Leigh said...

HAVE to have, OMG.. I do not have a store here in Denver sad face, so maybe another photography trip in July sounds nice. LOL. I would for shoes ahhaha


Chrystal K. said...

Omg I'm so excited. I love H&M and I'm sure Jimmy Choo is great too lol...Can't wait!

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