Monday, June 1, 2009

More decor in Purple Shades

<span class=I stumble upon another fabulous library done in a rich dark purple. Love the edginess of the color, the richness and depth of the shade and how it all plays together in a very chic way. It's like a black room, when the shade is right it end up being a classic and chic room. I still have have flash-backs from the previous library...I am starting to look around the house..who know maybe one day I just wake up and start painting!!!  This fabulous library belongs to Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor.

What color are you attracted but consider it too much for your house? 

{Image vis 1stDibis}


Leigh said...

I used to think purple was my least favorite color, but as of late it is growing on me, and especially this fantastic room!! I would live in it in a second..

Thank you as always Sasha for your wonderful support!!
Happy June :)

Blair said...

Oh, my that room is just pure luxury. Just love it!

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