Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Move over Victoria Secret...Calzedonia is taking over!

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If Brazilian bikinis are too daring for you, and Victoria Secret is everywhere you can steel look extremely sexy and chic in this Italian swimsuit brand, Calzedonia! You probably have seen Giselle Bundchen new Summer '09 ad campaign..looking fabulous of course! What I love about their swimsuit collection is that the design has the concept of the Brazilian bikinis but with a little bit more style...My secret when buying/using a bikini or a one piece swimsuit is never have it cover your entire "bum"...even thought you might not feel like you have the body a "V" shape looks 10 times better..specially with a tan! Their swimsuit cover ups and dresses are also adorable!

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f is for favorites said...

This post is really making me want to get off the computer, and to the gym! Thanks Sasha, for your comment after my photo loss. It cheered me right up!

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