Friday, June 19, 2009

They call them canopy I call them box beds!

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Since I was a little girl I dreamt or a fairy tale canopy bed princess type bed with lots of fabrics..when I got my first apartment, no budget for it. As the years went by canopy wasn't my things any more. I just started to loving and appreciating the beauty of open rooms. Until I stumble upon some of this beds, and although they are still call canopy they are far from the ones I had in my mind when I was a little I call them box beds. Love the clean lines and simplicity of the them.
Do you have any decorating love from childhood that is still alive?

{Images via 1stDibits, Desire to Inspire & Delikatessen}


drollgirl said...

these are beautiful! so simple and elegant! i would not mind having one -- not one bit! Maegan said...

love the first one ...LOVEIT.

Candi said...

Your blog is so pretty. I'm so glad you followed me on twitter, so I could find it!!!

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