Friday, June 12, 2009

Fashion Trend ~ Shorts Short in Fabulous Patterns

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1. J Crew. Wallpaper jacquard short $98.00 2. Trina Turk. Santa Fe Short. $198 3. Sunshine & Shadow. Short in Natural White Asteroids. $159 4. J Crew. 3" horizon-stripe short. $58.00 5. Club Monaco. Milla Cotton Shorts.

Love the short short for these summer done in chic patterns using jacquard & linen. You can use it with a simple short sleeve white shirt, plain t-shit or you can even do a long sleeve shirt if using it for dinner on your next vacation. The pattern and material allow you to dress down or up depends on the the only thing left is to get to the gym and exercise the legs). Use some preparation H if you want your legs to look can also dab them with some oil (very little) to add some extra shine!

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