Monday, July 6, 2009

Cameron Diaz does V Magazine!

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Cameron Diaz looking fierce in the new cover of V Magazine Beauty Issue on stands July 7th. The look for the shoot was inspired by Madonna's circa True Blue era(remember her look..very similar). The tattoos were painted on by an on-set tattoo artist.

Love when celebrities play with their looks and totally transformed themselves!

Are you planning on watching Cameron's movie "My Sister Keeper"?

{Image via JustJared}


Laura said...

What crazy and beautiful photos. I'm sure they had the best time filming this shoot. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

mina. said...

Wow! Fabulous photo shooting. I really like the images of this mag.

drollgirl said...

she looks so different here! very much like madonna!

paula said...

wow, I almost didn't recognize her.

Jennifer said...

woah! didn't know who it as until i read your post! that is an amazing transformation!

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