Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rachel Zoe follows Gweneth Paltrow's steps

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Rachel Zoe wants to get in the wagon of the newsletter as Gweneth does with GOOP...but instead of Make, Go, DO..she will be sending you stuff she likes in beauty, fashion and overall lifestyle. The question that comes to mind is if she we will be accepting endorsing and feeding us with things she is getting paid to feed us or is the newsletter is going to be totally transparent of what she loves. Although Rachel Zoe claims that this will not happen I will hold my judgment until I see what she recommends. To sign up visit Rachel Zoe.
The timing is actually pretty good since she is getting ready to The Rachel Zoe Project second season at Bravo TV.


mina. said...

Yei! I adore GOOP. I think Rachel Zoe can do a cool thing...let´s wait and see!

(I already become a member!) said...

fab find!!!

drollgirl said...

ooh! i am going to sign up! and i sort of like that show -- glad it will be back!

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