Thursday, August 13, 2009

Breathing Time ~ Just take 5 minutes! Come with me!

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Let's go to Paris today! Just imagine you got back from a fabulous lunch at one of the street cafes (lets just say fromage, pain and champagne)... the sun is warm but not to hot....and you just opened the window with the view that captivates your mind every day....and get ready to start writing...!!

Let your mind travel and just be and feel in Pairs for 5 minutes!

With this view what would you write? would you be able to concentrate??

{Image via here}


Couture Carrie said...



sealaura said...

moi aussi! trés jolie. you've inspired me to clean up my works space and dream a little bit. merci!

Susan said...

mais oui!
lovely photo, thanks for sharing.
have a great day, darling, xoxo

Gaboushka said...

Whoever lives there is very, very lucky indeed! x

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