Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fabulous Driving!


When life seems a little bit overwhelming, there is nothing like driving around with great music to clear my mind...even better if I can make it to the beach!

Event though I don't look like these girls I totally feel like them...free spirit with my hair blowing in the wind!

Today is one of those days that a good drive around would be fabulous!..I can't..at least I got the pictures!

Hope you are having a great Tuesday!


sealaura said...

soothing pics. i can almost feel the air going through my hair. i love drives. B and I usually have sunday drives, to help us prepare for the week ahead. feliz martes!

Susan said...

an old VW bus along on route 66 for me, please :))
driving is freedom.
thanks for sharing these photos!

Shaz said...

Oh this post came at the right time. Yes I was having one of those "I am going out for a drive BY MYSELF" days. Well I kid you not, my husband bought a gooorrgeous, new 2 seater (selfish, midlife crisis) convertible sports car a few weeks ago so this was the perfect opportunity to take it for an "open air" drive. So off I went, feeling very swish and cool, driving along the Esplanade. I pulled up at the beach, I already felt the stress melt away - I was feeling better. So I got out of the car, in front of a lovely restaurant, with seating out the front (packed with people I might add). Thump, it was not pretty. I am six feet tall, and I was not used to getting out of a groovy car that is only 2 inches off the ground. I fell flat on my face. Not a good look - but gee, it did make me laugh (and everyone elsewho saw me too!@#!.

Anonymous said...

Estoy de acuerdo, solo con ver la fotos te relajas.


Anonymous said...

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