Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fabulous Polaroids

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I loved taking Polaroids pictures back in the day! There was something artsy and vintagy about it..my last project was taking pictures of my shoes to put outside their boxes...needles to say they are long go!!

I was so excited to discover Ms Thresca through Please Sir (great blog to check!!)...she not only takes great photos but has a collection of Polaroid pictures with quotes!! You can find her work in tumblr and flickr...

Looking for some inspiration, don't forget to check our tumblr page!

Are you more Polaroid or more digital?


Jeshjohnz said...

I am definitely more Polaroid.. I love that the picture just instantly appears right in front of you and that there is not a delete button. However, since Polaroid has stopped production I have started using the Fuji Instax 200 camera that I found on adessoalbums.com It is the exact concept of the Polaroid and the picture quality is even better!

Anonymous said...

buenisimassss. amo las polaroid y esta fotografa me encantooo. belu

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