Friday, August 14, 2009

Have a fabulous weekend!

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I have been running for the last couple of days planning a weekend trip with the family and also getting ready for my older son school ( although I still have one more week to hug him and fill every corner of his face with lots and lots of kisses!.

I am so grateful for the all the fabulous ladies I have met and continue to meet on this blogging journey! It does not stop to amaze me the amount of talent and fabulousness that you all have! Thank you for inspiring me as a women, mother and a blogger!!! I am going to miss catching up with all and apologize for not been able to visit all your fabulous blogs this week!

Hope your Saturday morning is as cute and chic! and that the rest of the weekend you feel fabulous.. regardless of what you are doing!!!

Don't forget to visit my other blog Is full of delicious pics..!! vediamo dopo (see each other later in Italian!!)

Happy weekend!

{Image via Unknown..sorry}


sealaura said...

have a great weekend. i love those pics on your other blog. the einstein quote in particular stuck with me today.

Leigh said...

Have a wonderful weekend darling, and I too am getting my little one ready for a full-time schedule. 1st grade is here already and starts this tuesday. So I am having extra fun this weekend with her. I know she is only going to be gone for 6 hours a day but wow it makes me teary eyed.


Susan said...

oh isn't it amazing how this community holds together? as a relatively fresh blogger, I enjoy every second of it!
left you an award on my blog, hope you like it :)

Deva84 said...

Beautiful pic!

I have a surprise for you which I left on my blog! Hope you don't mind Hun!

Have a best weekend!

bisous. deva.

Linda said...

Fabulous picture! and I hope you'll have a great weekend, too.

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

aww, your little one is off to school soon?! good luck!
that kate bosworth picture is adorable!

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