Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer House by Ralph Lauren

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Event though I am exploring other decorating styles..classical Ralph Lauren still works for me! Love how they broke the blue and white with fabulous flowers bouquets in a yellow-orangy ( I Google the meaning of it and it is "symbolize passion and excitement and are an expression of fervent romance...").

How cute is the last picture with the dogs? If only my dog will be as white (always..).

What is your current decorating style?

{Image via Ralph Lauren via a fab blog that I am still searching for}


Susan said...

oh these are gorgeous!
I have been obsessed with white for a long time now and I love the Scandinavian style, too. now I am very much into romantic, girly stuff that is based on a color mix of lot of white and some powder pink.
have a lovely day, xoxo

Amanda~Weekend Host said...

Ralph Lauren's style is certainly timeless. I think the white candlesticks within the glass lantern is a wonderful idea and I also adore the last image with the two little sweet dogs. Great post.

Anonymous said...

Ralph Lauren is so wonderful. I love his style for every room in the house. I decorate with white and blue nautical as I live in a beach cottage on the beach. I use differing hues of blues and blends of white to balance each other.

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