Monday, November 16, 2009

The look of Fall

Hope you had a great weekend! Fall is probably one of my favourites season to dress for...because you can play around with shirts, cardis, jackets...very chic! And it is not that cold that all the details get lots under a big coat. Love all the coats.. I added to my wish list a faux fur coat!

We had a fabulous weekend working as a family redecorating our kids play/study room. They now both have their own desk...a place to chill and play. They spend all day after school just playing in their "new" room.

BTW what is your favorite season to dress for?

Hope you have a fabulous week!

{Image via here}


Miss Always Carried Away said...

The pictures are amazing, I'm quite fan of how skinny she is but pictures are beautiful!

Have a lovely day Sweetie!

Closet Cravings said...

I love fall too. Everything about it is so wonderful. Beautiful pictures. The model is super duper skinny. She needs to indulge in some holiday comfort food. =)

Christine Elisabeth von Malsen Hueber said...

Love the beautiful pictures you post, Sasha ... they're transporting!

My favorite season is always the current one, since they each have their advantages & benefits!

Christine Elisabeth Hueber

Susan said...

oh wow, I love these looks!
have a lovely day, darling Sasha.

that's all said...

for me...definitely summer.
polish summers can be totaly crazy (one day +30C and the next one +15C).
you never don't know when you woke-up what part of the year you will have out side :)

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