Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gift Inspiration: Scented Tablets for Closets from Lafco

If you are looking for a one of a kids gist for your mother in law, or a host gift after spending a weekend at your friend's house...how about this fabulous chic scented tablets for the closet.
I am so use& bored by the lavender sachets that I immediately love these tablets. They come in rose/lavender, orange/cinnamon & potpourri. 100% organic and natural essential oil is mixed with 100% beeswax from the fertile Tuscan fields and bee farms of Santa Maria Novella. The authentic stamp of Santa Maria Novella is on one side of the tablets surrounded by floating natural flowers, herbs and fruits. Too beautiful to be hidden, tablets can be placed in drawers, hung in closets (ribbon is already attached) or simply left out in the open on a tray to freshen and scent the surrounding space.

If you order online you can have it wrapped & dedicated in a fabulous box!


Queen "B" said...

Aloha, so glad I dropped in. love the organic sachets..I'm with you something fresh is awesome. I look forward to my next visit
Aloha wishes from across the sea

Susan said...

oh I love these!
have a sweet day, xoxo

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