Thursday, January 28, 2010

Romantic Decor in shades of pink....

....speechels....I can imagine writing the most romantic letters on that desk....
Who could be angry in any of these rooms...there is such a lovely peacefulness to them...

Hope your Thursday was such as romantically peaceful!

BTW the Walk-a-Thon was a success...!! But after handling 400 kids plus teachers and parents...let's just say I am ready of my glass of wine a little bit earlier!! But the sense of accomplishment I have makes me want to do it all over again ( I guess that is how I end up always getting caught in saying yes....)

Have a fabulous night!! and thank you for all the fabulous comments you are all really have in cloud 9!

{Image via House Beautiful}


bijoubijou said...

great photos! such great taste!


Susan said...

oh how beautiful! love pink.
have a sweet day and a fab weekend ahead, darling!

Courtney said...

Oh how beautiful. I love the vintage romance feel to these photos (+ that gorgeous shade of pink).

happy friday!

Sasha {Everything Fabulous} said...

Thanks for your lovely comments!!! So happy you liked the special pink post!
I took Friday off to catch up on all the to-dos of the week!! hope you have a great weekend!

Christine Elisabeth Hueber said...

Love the cool pink -- I once had a living room this color & adored it!

Thank you for being the highlight of my day with your delightful posts, Sasha!


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