Saturday, February 27, 2010

2010 Oscar Party Inspiration + Games + Free Downloads

The Oscars are 8 days away..and if you want to host a party for 2 or for are a couple of great things that you can use to have a fabulous night:

Download this cute invitation and the envelope liner! See how great they look here!

Get this white bags and print them...for your fabulous popcorn bags!

If you want some extra entrainment print this adorable Bingo Cards (they look like so much fun!). To supplement your bingo game, you can download and print out the official ballot of nominees right here. Thanks to How about Orange!

Get your Oscar Party Recipes...or get inspired by what Wolfgang Puck's Oscar Menu

and here are a couple of drink ideas!

...and voila you are ready to enjoy a special night!!

.....on a sweeter note you can have some Popcorn Ball favors for your guests to enjoy!

What's your favourite movie this year?

Hope you have a great weekend!

{Images via Sunday Supper}



Sasha, this is precious!! What a great post! My PhD Head of Dept at Univ of Houston's Media Communication told me Avatar was his opinion of the best picture...I think Inglourious Basterds. What do you think?
xx's Marsha

sealaura said...

I am so excited, I think I will have a party for two but it will be fun with these great ideas.

Susan said...

oh how cute... I love the soft colors.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded my bingo card for tomorrow!!!!

Avatar is a winner!!!


Media Needle LLC said...

The drink tips are always what gets me! Great stuff by the way. Dare I suggest a recipe? "Inglorious Custards" is one of a few party trat ideas from Hyundai. Check 'em out here:

Again, thanks for the libation inspiration!
Media Needle | Hyundai

P.s. Incidentally, here are the ads Hyundai will air during the Oscars:

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