Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day Dessert Table by Amy Atlas

How insanely cute is this Valentine's Day Dessert Table? I am so in love with the fabulous work of Amy Atlas (as I imagine you too!) and I've learned so much from her...!! She is all about color pallets, using different heights and a meticulously organized dessert table!

Love the fact that they opted for a bubblegum pink, light pink and pale grey color palette instead of the expected Valentine's pink and red. There is so much inspiration ...I am definitely doing the candy jar with a big bow, the macaroons and ohh gush I want to do it all...!!

How about you?? what do you like the most out of this fabulous dessert table??

{Image via Amy Atlas}


Anonymous said...


I love the Valentine's Day Dessert Table! What a wonderful way to display your Valentine's Day goodies. The only thing missing is, glasses of Pink Champagne!!

the real mia said...

Yum! A sugar high never looked so good!

Sasha {Everything Fabulous} said...

Dear Anonymous, you are so right!! plus it does not hurt that I happen to adore Rose champagne!! it would look absolutely fabulous!!!

Dear Real Mia (BTW loove your name) definitely a sugar high!!

Susan said...

oh wow! how incredibly cute :)

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