Friday, February 5, 2010

Custom-Engraved Jewlery by Sarah Chloe

I think these jewelry pieces are so fabulous & feminine! You could carry the necklace with the initials of the couple or even the initial of your kids with their birth stone (adorable)..

I personally own a gold (yellow) engraved ring and I use it alone on my right hand in the smallest finger...with no other ring/bangle, etc....and two out of three times I usually get asked where did i get it from!! I feel so chic when I use it!!
Next on the list for of those fabulous bangles in tea rose gold!!
To see more of Sarah Chloe (check her bangle collection...fabulous) go here!

As always thanks for all your fabulous comments!!! Loove them all!!!


Dustjacket Attic said...

Ahh I finally got onto your site, I always get closed down when I try...

I just love love the rings and the bangle would be so cool too. I will check her out for sure.

sealaura said...

gorgeous stuff here. I love monograms and personalizing jewelry especially if it is delicate and elegant. supercool stuff.

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