Thursday, February 11, 2010

Have a Fabulous Day!

...This is year I am much more drawn to the pinks than the reds for Valentine's...
How about you? How's your Valentine's looking so far?

Yesterday, I went to the hair salon to get my highlights (count down to Valentine's Day is in full motion...) and I kept thinking how we sometimes allow other people to determine the kind of day we are going to have.....So I decided to claim this power back!! Choosing what we think affects how we feel....

Here is for a day full of beautiful thoughts... and letting other peoples agendas, moods and karmas pass by...!

{Image via Studded Hearts & ThisisGlamorous}


sealaura said...

i agree, sometimes when I get cranky or annoyed before 9am I have to remind myself to turn it around because you are in charge too. Like you said, you have to take the power in order to have a great day.

Liz said...

so true your post. i was actually talking to the hubs about this last night and we're planning on a fun date for valentine's. i am loving soft pink too for hearts day even though i've been posting alot of red in my own blog.

thanks for sharing, i love your blog.

hope your valentine's is FABULOUS.


Susan said...

I love pink and I hate red, so no question for me :)
thanks for following me on tumblr, now I am a follower of yours! :)
have a fabulous weekend, darling Sasha.

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