Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Magazine: Nonpareil "Beautiful on a Budget"

Online Magazines seem to be the new trend! I love them because they really feed the instant gratification side of me (and I also love printed magazines...nothing like some tea and a magazine for a Saturday afternoon!).

Anyway, Nonpareil is a new online magazine that approaches weddings and other occasions with a focus on hip, stylish, do-it-yourself projects and inspiration...and judging by the fabulous vintage tablescape it's a magazine full of great inspiration even if you are not planning a wedding. Check it out here.

I love using vintage trophies for flower has such a Frenchy vibe!!
Hope your Wednesday is going fabulous....


girl, inspired said...

What a fabulous find! Thanks for sharing, love it!

Susan said...

what a great find!
thanks for sharing, xoxo

Liz said...

Love it! my friend ashlyn @

designed that tablescape! :)

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