Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A very French thank you..

Love this notecard from Truly Smitten that are printed with a combination of gold foiling plus letterpress on a thick stock blush pink paper...just a simple chic way of saying thank you!

Hope your day is going fabulous!!


Floralovely said...

Gorgeous! I love Letterpress! xo Louise

Susan said...

so lovely!

Truly Smitten said...

merci!!! love your blog!

Lindsey said...

Absolutely love these cards. I think I might order some! Living in Paris, it's a little cliché but from a design perspective it's perfect. I can send them to family and friends back in the States!

Simply Luxurious said...

Love these. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to look into them. Always looking for a unique,yet personal thank you note to use in my personal stationary.

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