Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cute Flower Centerpiece!

Thursday is here..! One more day to go!
I bought some tulips and mini roses this week and I used this cute centerpiece as an inspiration. Love how they mix tulips and roses in the same color shade..great idea for a nice Easter tablescape!
You can get all your vintage vases out or hit a your local flea market. I am starting to do some vintage shopping on e-bay - go here- where you can find some cute silver flower vases for less than $10....or you can just use different size of small glass vases (I got my collection from Target, Walmart and the dollar store). The secret is to play with different hights.

I scanned the picture myself so it's not the best resolution..apologize, but I really wanted to share this!

Hope you have a fabulous Thursday!!

{Image scanned by Myself from InStyle}


Simply Luxurious said...

Great idea! A touch of spring.

Susan said...

have a fab weekend, xoxo

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