Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Decor Shopping: Pink Moroccan Pouf

I am bananas for this pink Moroccan pouf....and the fact that you can add some girly practical sophistication to a room without make it too pinky. I have been dying to get some pink color in my living room...and this might be the start...!

Lvoe the one from John Derian (they have a fabulous color collection worth checking it!) and I just found E-Mosaik (it's on sale here!).

Hope your day is going great!!


Jaime said...

This is fabulous! I like how versatile it is.

Rachel said...

i love poufs.
i wish i had a bunch of them so i could create a boudoir effect. :)

Sasha {Everything Fabulous} said...

Jaime, you are right it's so versatile!

Rachel, wuaw love boudoir effect..have you checked Ebay they have a couple...and maybe you can get your collection going!

Have a fabulous day!

Susan said...

wow, that's amazing!! wish we could get that here.

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