Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Decor: A touch of Aqua

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I love the softer side of turquoise..aqua! It's not as strong, but still as vivacious and dramatic in a more refreshing way. Aqua encourages a festive and celebratory mood. It’s close association with water conjures the more emotional qualities of fun, letting go and joy....!

I could really use those chairs..

On a personal note, apologize for being so slow on my posts but my youngest son has been ill this I have been doing a lot of TLC...(nothing major just a virus)! Still I am cheering this opportunity of hugging him no end....! They are growing up so quickly...that any opportunity for extra hugs I embrace it with all my heart!

Hope you Wednesday is going great....

{Image via Pink Wallpaper}

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I'm a big fan of aqua too. These are beautiful. Hope your son feels better soon. Extra TLC definitely helps :)

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