Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dorothy Perkins Spring 2010

I am so in love with Dorothy's Spring Collection...full of neutral color, navy, flowers prints..and fabulous shoes!

My two favourite pieces from the collection are the Navy/white embellished top and the neutral flower jacket (pic#3) about you?

{Image via Fashionising}


Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

I have a Dorothy just next to where I work and I do stop by once or twice a week, I think they made a really sweet collection this time


Just a beautiful collection...classy, sophisticated with a little bit of fun and of course FABULOUS shoes! :) Love your blog Sasha!! :)

Simply Luxurious said...

Gorgeous blouses. Will most certainly be checking her out. Thanks for the heads up!

Sasha {Everything Fabulous} said...

Helena, that's fabulous...!! I could stop by every day and get a little thing here and there!

Regina, Thank you so much for your lovely know me always fabulous shoes!!!

Simple Luxurious, love this store full of trendy things but not very pricey!

To all thanks for stopping by and it!

Susan said...

feminine, soft, fabulous!

Nikki said...

WOW Love the accessories in this editorial! Is that a mini chloe bag! To.Die.For

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