Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Love your Style: Amanda Cutter Brooks!

If you are looking to read a great book on style (and one of my favourites) "I Love your Style" by Amanda Brooks is a must read for all the fashionistas out there or for those that are trying to cultivate their own style, to those making an effort to getting dressed in the morning; and to the ladies interested in having a functional and treasurable wardrobe!

Not only does she happens to have fabulous style but she has the ability to communicate and break down fashion and style in a very relatable way. I love the way she defines and describes different styles from classic to bohemian to minimalist and more and details accessories that go with it, muses that inspire each style and key pieces to go with it. What I love the most about this books is that she encourages you to experiment with fashion..and mostly have fun!

What are you favourite fashion & style books?

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