Friday, March 19, 2010

Love her Style!

How fabulous is this outfit? I love wearing my scarfs with an open cardigan or blazer, a beautiful scarf and a great belt..!! and what about those shoes...??
Truly a classic chic look...perfect for this time of the year when is still a little cold...!
If you are looking for great vintage scarfs from Hermes, YSL, Ferragamo and others I found this fabulous store, Design Silk Scarf. I am so in love with this one..and this one for spring!

Do you like wearing scarfs?? where do you get yours from?? I would love to know!!!!

{Image via Fashion Gone Rogue}


ashlina said...

oh boy. scarves are literally my favorite part of my closet. i have tons and tons. thrift stores are my FAVORITE place to find colorful and great patterns. palm springs boutiques also have good, cheap ones. i love tye dye scarves right now. in bright colors!

enjoy your weekend miss fabulous!

Kris said...

FAB shoes! love love!


Hi, just did a post on the absolute necessity of travelling with great scarves. I love silk chiffon ones which can be tied around your head like a headband with various knots, under your blazer collar, as a wrap if your shoulders are cold, and they add PIZAZZ. You're so correct. xx's Marsha

Café Naïveté said...

wow.. what a fabulous blog you have!!:) I enjoyed reading some old posts of yours.. fantastic!

Sending you sun from Rome,

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