Monday, March 15, 2010

Room of the Day!

Maybe spring is getting to me...but I can not get enough of this room and those bright yellow chairs with some pink touches and the dark blue doors...j'adore!

I am not a yellow decor type of gal (except for my soft and very light vanilla yellow walls in my kitchen & breakfast area) but it is starting to grow on me..How about you?

BTW, I stopped by Target today to check the Liberty of London collection...and it's worth checking it out. Great to add some accessories to your day to day life! Not crazy about the melamine plates..would have love the real plates..! Here is what I got: garden leather gloves (perfect for my mother), the blue & green umbrella (it's been rainy too much here), some rainy boots (maybe too girly but I like a touch of pink on those cloudy gray days..), the sixty platter (great for a pool party!)...and I am waiting now for the Maynard canisters...

If you visit Target, would love to know what caught your attention!!
{Image from Elle Decor April 2010 via Flickr}

1 comment:

kerry@tranquiltownhouse said...

Your Target stores are so much better than ours in Australia. Liberty of London...oh wow. I am so in love with the black and white Dunclaire bedding...but will they ship to Australia...sadly, no they won't! Sob. Thanks for making me green with envy though : )

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