Friday, March 12, 2010

Sophie Dahl and her book "Voluptuous Delights" + her asparagus soup recipe

I am swooned with the new book from the fabulous Sophie Dahl "Voluptuous Delights". Full of healthy decadent meals...and I know usually healthy and decadent don't go hand in hand, her book is full of inspired recipes from her childhood..but maybe I let her do the taking about her book...

Love the fact that the recipes are organized around the four seasons so you can use the freshest ingredients available.Some of her recipes I am dying to try are her grilled bananas with Greek yogurt or her warm ratatouille and her french onion soup.

Thanks to Daily Candy you can actually get a sample of what her cooking is about....with this unbelievably tasty and simple asparagus soup with Parmesan. And you won’t believe there’s no cream involved.Guess what we are eating tomorrow....!

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robyn michelle-lee said...

i flipped through this book last year when i was living in the u.k. and totally fell in love with the images so much that i was in touch with the stylist, and traveled to london to work with her for a few days on an another cookbook in the summer! such stunning pictures!

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