Monday, March 8, 2010

Decor Inspiration: A touch of Black

You can use a little or a lot....but adding some black accessories to your decor brings a contemporary feeling to it. I specially love when black is used against a white and tan/beige palette..
Love how they worked the framed in the last picture..I once did something similar, I framed a big print in two and placed it side by side.

Do you like using black touches in your decor?

{Image from Schappacher White Ltd via TheEssenceofGoodlife}


Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

What a great chandelier, so chic

Kerry@tranquiltownhouse said...

I've just painted my bedroom wall black. It looks great against my white painted Indian panel screen. Loving black!

Susan said...

love that black chandelier! and yes, I do use black in my flat, I love the contrast it gives with white and a touch of some soft pinks.
have a fabulous week, xoxo

Rachel said...

ooh i just did a post about my crazy love of black and white. so simple, so chic.

im going to be posting some pix of my apt with some updates so if you get a chance you should check out the great black & whiteness :)

Laura Trevey said...

I am in love with the large abstract black and white art!!

sealaura said...

the first two shots are my fave. I would love to relax in that sitting room with all of those pillows.

Simply Luxurious said...

Love the look. There is something clean about it and mysterious in a weird way. Thoroughly love that last photo.

ashlina said...

wow. those photos of interiors are stunning.
i am so fond of your blog..


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