Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Al Fresco Dining in Mandarin + Lime + Fuchsia

J'adore this very springy Tablescape! There is so much inspiration...you can change the color combination..or just do the nice big glass bowls and add lemons...! Love how they created a perfect balance with different type of glasses by keeping the same shade of pink! There are the Victoria tumblers from Pottery Barn (or Anthropology)! I was actually ebaying some version of the wine glasses last week...and now I know exactly what to go for!! and how about those white big vases...I've seen a couple of them very similar at Home Goods and also at Pier1..! I am taking that last picture and is going right to my mood board...so much to take out of it!!!

What is about al fresco dining that creates such a friendly ambiance that people tend to stay longer, laugh louder...and just have a better time?? what is it??

Is it still Tuesday...it feels like Thursday..!!

{Image via Traditional Home via Bazaar of Serendipity}


Cindy Felix said...

That's a pretty table setting :)
I love the colours too!

BonjourRomance said...

Love those chandeliers. Very pretty colors - I'm ready for some Alfresco dining right now!
Good week to you,

Simply Luxurious said...

This is a gorgeous tablescape! And you are absolutely right. People do tend to stay longer, soaking in the conversation and the outdoors when it involving eating outside. Beautiful photos!


This is so inviting! I'd love to dine there for hours and hours! And those victorian tumblers are amazing. I've been debating about buying some. Really want them but I have such limited storage space in my apartment. Seeing them in use only makes me want them more :)

Simone Howell said...

I'm getting nothing done!! Your blog is so fab I cannot get enough!!

Rachel said...

Oh I adore these colours! Such a pretty post xx

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