Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Decor Inspiration: Fabulous Coffee Tables + How to do it

Love decorating coffee tables!! J'adore!! I guess mainly because I can change it constantly, you can easily change the decor by re-purposing things in your house and I usually incorporate a collection of the things I treasure the, books, candles and trays...!

In my coffee table of the family room I keep it very K.I.S.S. (keep it simple silly...!) after the kids managed to play and break everything I put. So for now ,I have a big chunky tray where I put all the remote controls, and a very green leafy plant. For my main coffee table in my living room right now I have some of my blue & white vase collection (similar to the picture #3), two sets of books: one set has my decor books with a vintage silver candy vase; the other set is for my travel books with two silver vases with flowers!!! I also have a tray that keeps flowing around the table (sometimes with a vase with more flowers or with more books).

Here are a couple of my tips on decorating a coffee table:
* create a vignette of at least 3 or 4 things, such as little boxes, white & blue vases, vintage silver vases, glass vases, etc. Use things you already have in your house!
* add a couple of fabulous my case decor, photography and travel books!! Organize them by size (they look much better!) and also try to color code them or combine the color of the book with something else in the table
* add at least one tray. You can put your vignette here or a flower vase with a candle or your books....or a lamp..etc, etc.
* always add flowers and one or more candles to your coffee table! practical, personal and fabulous when decorating your coffee table! And more important...have fun!!

How about you, what do you have in your coffee table? Do you change it often? Do you love decorating it??

{Image via Everything Fabulous Tumblr 3.5.6. Absolutely Beautiful Things 7. Nuevo Estilo LonnyMag 9. 15. Elle Decor 16. Unknown 18.KwInterdesing}


Debby Lee said...

Funny, I was looking at my coffee table today and thinking how it needed some work. Thanks for the inspiration. I am in need of some blue and white vases and pink flowers! xo

Sasha {Everything Fabulous} said...

Hi Debbie! So happy the timing of the post was good...I went back and look again at the post and you are right I guess there is a theme here: blue & white vases and pink flowers....!! hope you are having a fabulous night!!

Tara said...

These are SO beautiful! I would love to be able to have a stunning coffee table like one of these but with a very active, almost 5 year old, we keep it simple as well. Just a tray (which covers up where she spilled nailpolish and it ate the finish off the table) with magazines and the remotes. Maybe one day between her childhood and grandkids!

Biana said...

I just moved into my new appartment, and my coffee table isn't decorated yet. I'm getting inspired by these pictures, I'm feeling the urge to make something fabulous of my coffeetable, hihi... Thanks for sharing!


Fabulous! These are all gorgeous! And I love decorating my coffee table too. I have trays, votives, candles, pretty coasters. But they're always organized and streamlined. It never looks messy or cluttered. It's actually one of my favorite things in my apartment :)

bazaarofserendipity said...

these are gorgeous pics! love the last little faux bamboo coffee table the best! FAB!

Liz said...

Hi Sasha!

Hope you're having a fabulous day. You are such a doll thank you so very much for all your sweet comments and now following my humble blogs.

I love the array of coffee and side tables you've gathered here, all so beatiful and inspiring. I love flowers and pretty vases, have tons of books and always adore lovely trinkets here and there.

Thanks for sharing.



So so pretty. So fresh and clean.

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