Monday, April 5, 2010

Decor Shopping: Work Lamp

Totally captivated by these work lamps...I have been to Ikea so many times and never even looked twice at the work lamps or any other work lamp at other stores for that matters. But these pictures are totally making me think twice about the traditional lamp.
What do you think? The second picture is the Tertial Work Lamp from Ikea spray painted using White Knight Squirts Metallic case you are looking for a cool project!

Love kids could really use one in navy blue...!!

{Image via 1. Unknown please if it's yours let me know & 2. TheHappyHomeblog}


Carly Anne said...

These are definitely fantastic. I'm in the midst of turning my second bedroom into a mid-century worksapce...on of these babies would look fab on a drafting table.


All this is Grace and Charm

ashlina said...

the blue one. i am SO loving that look.
hope you had a great weekend love!!!

Susan said...

LOVE them!

Home Lighting said...

I hope the second one comes in different colors. I would love to have one in pink :) Beautiful and functional! Nice post!

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