Friday, April 30, 2010

Kitchen of the Month!

...Doesn't this kitchen have a vibe that good cooking is happening on a daily basis here? It might be the openes of the design, all the green herbs and plants...all the cooking ingredients at a hands reach...or maybe those fabulous barstools designed as settee for two, that invite you to just seat down...have a glass of wine and enjoy great company and fabulous food! This kitchen would go perfect with a good cabernet!
I have been searching for the perfect barstools for quite some time now, something chic yet comfortable but with style.....I think I found them!!!!

{Image via Grier}


Daniella said...

This is gorgeous!

Debby Lee said...

Love the island & the barstools not only look good they look super comfy. Have a great weekend. xo

ashlina said...

so gorgeous isnt it?
have a fabulous weekend my love....LA misses you already.


OMG, I love it. The ferns, the orchids, the herbs and yes, the bar stools. Great post.

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