Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Room of the Day...!! by Massucco Warner Miller

So in love with this room..! I think it is a great living room for an apartment! Don't you think so? The coffee table is just simple & chic..and how great is how they mix and match all the different chairs in different patterns!!
I am totally smitten by the fabulous work of Massucco Warner Miller.....go here to check more of their work!

{Image via House Beautiful by Massuco Warner Miller discovered at La Dolce Vita}


Brittany said...


i love the horse print!!!

Debby Lee said...

This is such a great room! It' so full of life. It would be a great spot to blog! xo

kirstyb said...

i think im in love with this room too xoxox

Aima Kessy said...


Louise (Table Tonic) said...

Heaven. Yes. Tick. Affirmative. Nodding. x

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