Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Room of the day!

I'm in love with this room today, and the gold leaf pictures frames, the zebra rug, the coffee table....and how the green and pink flowers add just the right amount of feminine color to the room! Totally attracted lately to gold accents..very Kelly Wearstler!

Speaking of Kelly W. I just booked a weekend at the Viceroy Miami Hotel that was actually decorated by her!! Very curious to see the decor of the hotel! I am also looking forward to spend a mini “staycation” (local vacation) with my husband! Even though it's an hour away just getting away without the kids and focusing on us really makes a no suitcases...! How about you take "staycations" with your hubby?

{Image via A Diary of Lovely}


Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

Miami, oh jealous jealous Sasha! One of my to visit destinations!

Some Style... said...

oh, wow such an lovely room! so much space and wonderful set design! love the furniture, it's simple but somehow romantic! ;)

ashlina said...

hi gorgeous. i LOVE this room!!!!!

MsHark said...

OK this room is amazing!! I wish it was MY house. I absolutely love the sketches on the wall, in the gold frames.. so pretty!

I love the blog btw!! I am your newest follower, so glad I found this blog!


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