Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring Must have shoes..!

If you have not done your shoe shopping for the season here are two fabulous styles in camel (must, must!):

Edmundo Castillo for Tommy Hilfiger, $198

Saila Wedge from Banana Republic $98

I had an eye on the Tommy booties for quite some time now but could not find them online...Finally I grabbed the phone....! They only sell the booties at their Tommy Hilfiger Fifth Avenue Flagship, (212) 223-1824. If you do not live in the area you can easily place your order by phone..or even better got to NY and get them in person (I talked to Michael...very sweet!).

I bought the wedges for my trip to LA..and love them! They are extremely comfortable and looove the rich Carmel color!!

How is your day going...?? The sun is up and every day it feels more like spring...which makes me very :) !!


Cat said...

Those booties are absolutely heavenly! I adore them!

ashlina said...

how did you know i was dying for some new them

Crissie said...

Those wedges are perfect! JUST what I need for summer :)


Love the Tommy booties! I might have to swing by Fifth Ave tomorrow :)

OneCraftyFox said...

In louvre with the first!

Sasha {Everything Fabulous} said...

So glad you fashionable ladies like them!!
Crissie, the wedges are perfect for spring through summer!! I am thinking in getting another pair because guessing by how much I am using them, they might not make it to summer!

Dawn, as I was talking with Michael from Tommy I thought about you and that you night like this booties...! If you go please check the ones in pink/lavender I am curious to see what they look like in person!

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