Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Have a Beautiful Day! + Winner Giveaway

Hope you have a beautiful day today...!!! Sometimes we can turn everyday things..into something classic scrabble letters...or a cute tea tin.....!!

With all the mother's day festivities I forgot to post last Friday that the winner of our book giveaway is #5 the fabulous Linda from Simple Seductive(love her blog!!)! Congratulations Linda and hope you enjoy it!

{Images via Yvette inufio Photography}


Some Style... said...

congrats to the winner! such lovely idea with the scrabbles! have to try that myself, hehe! ;)

Amber Whitehouse said...


Sarah Klassen said...

She has such a lovely's definitely one of my favorites :)

Congratulations to the lucky winner!



So gorgeous! And congrats to the winner! I adore her blog :)

♥Simply Seductive said...

Hi Sasha,

Thank you!! I'm super excited, but really want to thank you for offering such a thoughtful giveaway (also no worries or rushing required... take your time, we all have a lot on our plates).

p.s. blushing about the lovely comments re: my blog... appreciate all your kind words!

Have a great day!

Linda xoxo

Sasha {Everything Fabulous} said...

Linda..I really rush this morning through this post so I did not get to complement you and your blog enough..... but I am very happy other ladies did!!! Hope you enjoy the book...(and that yous ave a lot!!!!).
Hope you have a fabulous week!

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