Thursday, May 13, 2010

Inspiration Board for DIY Princess Party

"P is for princess and pink and party and polka-dots and presents and playtime....and please come..." What an adorable way get invited for a Princess Birthday Party! It all started with a friend asking me for some help with her daughter's Birthday Party....and with my two boys I never get so see much pink around the house much less think of a princess party (and you know how much I love hosting parties) I jumped at the idea!! And here is the end result...!

I posted the pictures on my Facebook page before but I got a couple of emails so I thought maybe it was better just to share it with all of you!! I tried to make it as practical as possible so most of the things I picked are actually printable that you can just download and do-it-yourself! You just need a couple of punches, good paper and lots and lots of tissue paper!!

My secret for kids birthday is always KISS (keep it simple silly..!)..choose one or maybe two designs (for the cupcakes toppers, banners, etc) and repeat, repeat, repeat to create the overall wowness look that we all like!!

Hope you like it!! Thanks Shannon for the opportunity of diving into all pinky things!!

Here are the links for the party..

1. Printable Princess Party Set Includes Crown + Cake toppers and we are using the place cards for the goody bag and all the candy bar signs

2. Printable Round Stickers - Pink Crown
She is only going to use the pink crown with puncher and extra paper

3. The invitation link is here but basically she did the same desing from the invitation language (P is por princess..etc) in pink and place a picture of her daugheter wearing a crown

4. Princess Banner

The idea is to do lots of pompoms in two different shades of pink over the the cake table (here is tutorial for pom-poms. The popcorn cones are going to be places in the center of the table that they are sitting (here is a tutorial for the popcorn cones)

Outside all the playing balls, etc are of course going to be pink...!! and this would not be a party without some cake balls!!!

Hope you like it and if you have a daughter, niece, friends that you might something useful from all these!!


Erika F ~Tiptoe~ said...

oh my - I LOVE THIS! - my niece is gonna thank you for this - b/c her next party will be inspired by this - since everything HAS to be princess with her


Anna Liesemeyer said...

WOW. That is a birthday every little girl would dream of:) So much fun! My son just used True Love Found's birthday crown. She is fabulous!

Copious Couture said...

So cute!!!! When I was maybe 8 or 9... my mom made me huge Barbie cake... it was the best birthday ever!!!


Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

wow really pretty, fit for a princess you are absolutely right, soooo sweet! love the table from the madeleine bday, how cute, no really!!

Liz said...

This is o' so cute. Love all the word that start with P, so adorable. Lovely ideas. I always love me some pom poms. It's gonna be spectacular party I can see if it has not happened yet. Great job Sasha.


Tara said...

A few things...1) I made those cookies in pink and brown for my daughter's first birthday. So cute but start a few days in advance! Very time consuming. 2) Target's dollar spot has some really cute photo books in pink with a tiara on it that says "My tiara is giving me a headache" that would be an adorable party favor. :) I saw them today and thought of them when I saw this post.

Anonymous said...

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