Monday, June 7, 2010

Decor Inspiration: Crazy about White & Black with a touch of Gold

Ever since this post, I have been dreaming of rooms in muted blacks and crispy whites with a touch of gold....! Love the mix of modern black and white with thick, chunky elaborated gold leaf mirrors..... !! Reminds me of the still very much coveted office of Aerin Lauder!!

I am so ready to paint the floors of my bedroom in black, the walls in crispy white, add a stunning gold mirror, some fuchsia Moroccan pouf and a couple of fancy rugs...and voila!! I could totally embrace my inner French girl in a room like this!

Hope you are having a lovely Monday!

{Image 1. here 2& by per gunnarsson via {This is Glamorous} 3. Escapade}


Some Style... said...

looks wonderful very chic and elegant love the clean look!

Sarah Klassen said...


I adore gold, especially time worn gold like this... with bits of white and black and bold colors. I have a couple of these photos saved, but am saving the rest you have posted— lovely! Thank you for sharing :)

Hope you're week is off to a great start...


{r} said...

everything is always better with a little gold :) always loved jenna's bathroom & sofia's clutch

hope you're having a wonderful week,


Erica {Stuido Eriksdotter} said...

I ADORE the gold mirror. I would love to have it in my house.

Susan said...

oh wow! very elegant.

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