Thursday, June 10, 2010

Guest Post at Sweetie Pie Pumpkin Noodle

Do you have a book novel for the summer yet? Or are you looking to buy a great Decor book...? The lovely Jackie from Sweet Pie Pumpkin Noodle (how adorable is the name of her blog!!) has a Book Fair Series where bloggers choose their fav books..!! And I am oh so very excited to be a guest on her series today!! So if you want to read a little bit about my fav books pop over {go here}!!

Thank you so much Jackie for having me over...!! It was really a gift being able to talk about books and how much I love them.!!

There is still a chance to participate on this giveaway (a winner will be chosen tonight!). Good luck!!

Have a fantastic day!!

{Image via Dress, Design & Decor}


Daniella said...

Oooo i'm off to check it out!

Jackie said...

Thanks for guesting on my blog my dear! I definitely want to check all these books out now!


Luna and Chloe said...

I don't have one yet...but I hope that changes as soon as I check it out!


Platform said...

LOVE decor books. Can't get enough. Just purchased New York Interiors by Taschen.

I have more recommendations on Platform, too!

Susan said...

oh I love decor books too!
have a lovely week, darling Sasha, xoxo

Anonymous said...

This is awesum!

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